Life History



Sacha Moti




After the death of Bhagat Kanwar Sahib an unforgettable miracle took place at Devri Sahib. Once early in the morning a devotee at Devri Sahib got up and was surprised to see that the beads in the garland in Bhagat Sahib's picture were moving round and round in the picture. He could not believe himself and so he woke up others also and then every one witnessed the miracle. This went on for few hours and after that every morning and evening this miracle was happening. People from all over Pakistan came to see that miracle and could not believe their eyes. Even once the glass of the picture broke but after changing the glass also the miracle took place and went on for many days and by that time many more people started coming to Devri Sahib and got Blessed.

Appearance Of Ganges At Devri Sahib

The Greatest of all the supremo Saint Satramdas Sahib left his body on his own will in 1910 on 25th January. When a great saint leaves for heavenly abode Ganga Jal (the purely holy water of the Ganges) is brought to purify the place where the samadhi of that great saint is laid down. When every one got together to lay down the samadhi they learnt that the pure water of Ganges was not available, due to some unavoidable circumstances. It was not possible to go and get the holy water of the Ganges at that moment. Bhagat Sahib who was carrying four years old Meherdas, the son of Saint Satramdas Sahib in his lap, making his place the pure ashes of the beloved lord Saint Satramdas Sahib said ďA place where great Satramdas Sahib came for the betterment of all the human beings that place itself becomes a holy place because that heart of such a saint is always pure and kind like holy water of Ganges, in fact Ganges flows inside them and comes where they resideĒ. Actually, we all watch the world with our outer eyes, we cannot see what actually is inside somebody, as we cannot peep inside somebodyís heart. But if we try to look inside with a true intention we will also flow with the true love of our beloved lord. So, if all of us with our true and pure heart try to please the lord then the holy Ganges herself will appear here. After saying this Bhagat Sahib started performing Ardas Sahib, which is holy prayer, and as he was praying a wave of pure milk appeared at the place where Devri Sahib was going to take place. The flow of the holy water was about 2 feet high and it kept flowing and people were amazed by looking at the miracle and people started talking in Saiís praise. Then Bhagat Sahib said that his name actually has appeared from the original holy Ganges where our soul by leaving the body and heart bathes in the river which is whiter than milk and will purify itself and then it will blend itself with the god almighty, the Hindu yogi calls it Triveni. Saint Kabir called it Mansarovar; the true Grunanak Dev called it Amritsar. The wonderful master is telling us that this world is not our actual country donít be slave of your heart and body but try to be pure from inside so that we should not have any kind of bad intentions and attain complete divinity and become divine. The true Satramdas Sahib is telling that this pure wave is flowing inside him and you also so be pure that you get the honour to bath in it and that possible only of you chant his name (the name of god) so religiously that you become like him. This pure wave of Ganges will now remain here to give the message of true saint to everyone and it is going to touch the pure ashes of Saint Satramdas Sahib and become holy and people will come here and make their fortune. This holy water will remind us that to attain divinity we must chant the name of god which will take us to our destiny where you & me will not be different. But only one and same thing happened the moment Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib made the wonderful son of Saint Satramdas Sahib place the holy ashes the pure holy water of Ganges came down touched the holy ashes flowed around the holy place and then flowed into Khohi Sahib. Sacho Satram